Monday, February 6, 2012

Rolling Clothes?

One interesting tip I have learned through Clever Container is something you can do right in your home and does not cost a dime.  When you go on vacation, do you roll your clothes to make room in your suitcase?  Most people do.  However, do you roll your clothes at home to make room in your drawer?  Aha!  Most people do not.  In fact nobody really thinks about doing that.  They did this at a Clever Container workshop so I had to give in a try.  They rolled T-shirts in a way that the logo on the shirt was showing on the outside.  I thought it was very clever so I decided to go home and try this myself.  See the before and after pics above.  Now, the last pic, the t-shirt drawer, I didn't think to do a before pic until after I was done.  You should have seen it!  Boys and their clothes! LOL  Anyways, I thought it was a nice clean look.   


  1. Yay, you are a blogger now! I'm trying the rolling thing on my kids pj drawers today (we hang tshirts). Got any ideas about the pants drawer? That's where the biggest mess seems to happen!

  2. Hey Jessica! Regarding pants: You can try rolling them as well. Are you trying to get your kids to help with the rolling? I have heard testimonies from others that the kids like to roll their clothes. It seems easier for them than folding. In the picture above, Andrew's uniform pants are rolled in the drawer with the shirts (it is a "Uniform" drawer). Uniform pants seem easier to roll than jeans. Another idea is to seperate each type of pants. Andrew has a drawer for "play" pants; he knows to go to that drawer for play and I don't have to worry about him messing up his good jeans, etc. His good jeans I have put them in with his unforms. By seperating them it has cut down on big messes in the drawers. I hope this helps!