Sunday, February 5, 2012

Taming The Toys

Ok, so I know the pictures are sideways and I am not really sure why that is because they are correct on my computer.  Anyways, the bottom picture shows toys in a pile in a bin that is clearly too small for the amount of toys my daughter has.  There are all of those smaller toys that end up at the bottom that usually get dumped out and then they are everywhere.  The bigger toys tend to overflow because there is not enough room for them.  The above picture is to demonstrate Clever Pockets.  The pattern Pink Dot is shown here.  This is where I seperated all of the smaller toys from the larger ones and put them in their own little place.  The Clever Pockets are easy to hang up and fit on most doors.  Now, my daughter just points to the toy she wants and I pull it out of the little pocket and when she is done with it we put it back and maybe get a new one out at that time.  This makes it so much easier when keeping the room clean and organized.  You can use the Clever Pockets for so many more things.  Scrapbooking items, jewelry, baby supplies, odds and ends when you don't know what to do with them, make up, nail polish, sewing and so much more! 

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