Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Belt Hanger...or should I say the "CLEVER hanger"

Ok, so a lot of these Clever items I have I am a pioneer at myself.  I have held Clever Container parties and gained some different ways to use Clever Container's items however, some of these things I am not sure what to do with for my home.   However, I must share that in using the Belt Hanger I "accidentally" came up with some more ideas on what to use it for!  We are not big belt wearing people and to me it seems silly to have a hanger for everyone's belts put together in one location.  So, here are a few ideas for the belt hanger.  I must add that these ideas are quite clever! 

The first idea (picture #1) is using it for gift bags.  We all know nowadays when you go out and buy someone a present (for example) for $20.00 it ends up being $30.00 - $40.00 once you buy a gift bag, tissue paper and card.  That is why you save the gift bag when the gift is given to you (and tissue if it still looks good and presentable for the next gift)!  You are thinking:  "This will save me some money the next time I go out and buy a gift!"  However, where do you store the bags?  If you have a home like mine, where there is not much storage space and the closets are small, you know that storing these cute bags can get a bit damaged just sitting in a drawer or maybe you end up getting rid of them all together because there just simply isn't any room for them.  It's so easy to just hang them up! No carting out the tub or squeezing them into the drawer!  Hang them on the hanger and on the closet rack!  You can use the "gift bag tub" or "gift bag drawer" for something else. 

Second idea (picture #2) is using the hanger for your gentle items after they have been washed.  Who really likes to wash clothing by hand?  Not me; but sometimes it has to be done.  Or you figure; "I can just wash it on gentle cycle and hang it up and it should be okay?" That is me, alright.  I have learned this can work on some clothing items.  Now, these hooks aren't big enough for all of the gentle items, obviously, but I found them to be good for tights or maybe even undergarments that you don't want twisting away in the dryer.  This special hanger can hang right there in your laundry room and as soon as you pull out your gentles from the wash, you can hang them up to dry! 

Third idea (picture #3) is using the hanger for purses/recyclable grocery bags.  Don't get me wrong, just because I am advertising Clever Container and offering organizing advice does not mean I am perfectly organized at home.  I feel that I have better ideas and merchandise to help me because of Clever Container but I am still learning the tricks of the trade.  Before Clever Container, my purses were just in a pile in my closet or more recently - stored in a suitcase; which is not a bad idea but the suitcase was located in the attic and was not easily accessible.  This might be better for "seasonal purses".  As you can see there are multiple hooks for multible bags!  Just hang it in your closet and voila!  You have just saved some space! 

Fourth idea (picture #4 & #5) is using the belt hanger for hats.  You can't fit a lot of caps on here but if you need to keep a few in the coat closet for the following scenarios it may come in handy:

- Those times when you don't have time to fix the hair or
- It's early in the morning and you're going for coffee or a quick run or
- It's late at night and you just don't care since your are only going out to pick something up at the store (like ice cream)

It's these kind of moments where you may want to keep a hat close by, like in the coat closet; grab your jacket and hat and go.  As far as how it works to place the hat on the hook, you can just set the hat right on the hook or if you prefer more security, review picture #5.  This shows up close that you can undo the hat's straps and link it through the hook on the hanger. 

I LOVE this item! Such a great tool for so many uses!!

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